Just some common questions I get asked...

Are commissions a little more expensive than usual?

Yes they are, but for a good reason. You are getting a custom, one of a kind artwork. No-one else will have it. It isn't going to be turned into a print and I will never copy it for someone else. 

How do I inquire about a commission? What is the etiquette? 

Go to the 'commissions' tab in the menu. Ill send you out an information package that outlines everything you need to know.

You sell the same paintings across a few different platform's and I've noticed a price difference, why?

Commission. When I sell a painting/ print through a different platform or gallery I have to give a percentage to them. The price you see isn't what the artist gets. Galleries (online or not) are businesses and have costs to cover, which is cool, but if you buy from my own website you are supporting a small business and I am able to keep the profit. This allows me to keep painting!

My canvas prints through are the highest quality available - you will be unable to tell they are a print. They are all framed and come in various options which is why there is a price difference compared to the ones on paper. 

 Originals are expensive! Do you have a payment plan option?

I have Afterpay! Paypal also offers a similar pay in 4 system. I'm also open to negotiating lay-buys, so just contact me about that.

Are they all framed?

Usually, yep. An oak option is default, but you can contact me if you want to discuss different options. IT WILL CLEARLY STATE IF ITS NOT FRAMED. Canvas prints have a few different options, but some will just be rolled up. Check the listing before you purchase.