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Laura Oczos

I’m alone and that’s nothing new

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Acrylic on canvas, framed in Tasmanian oak, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed certificate of authenticity.

62cm x 68cm

RRP $1580

A medium rectangular painting that can be displayed both vertically or horizontally.

This is a multi layered painting, created by building layers of ink washes, glazes and acrylic paint. There are also areas of spray paint and a final patterned layer. The pattern is predominantly minute hatches and dots. These both contrast and compliment the base colours.

This is an undeniably bright painting with bold areas of fluorescent pink and green. These pops of colour are tempered with darker blues, purple and magenta as well as areas of blush, turquoise baby blue and orange. Whilst a vibrant painting, the mixture of different tones and the pattern layer tones down the overall feel of the work, making it more adaptable and liveable.

This work has a very dreamy, whimsical vibe. Despite the bold colour it also feels very soft.

This would work as a statement piece alone or with a cluster of other work. Individually, I can see it above an entry way table, or a bedside. It would suit a smaller (perhaps often forgotten space) like a hallway nook… anywhere that would benefit from a burst of colour but can’t accommodate a larger statement piece.